Working with an amazing view

Today was probably the busiest of all the days we have already had here. We had to leave the house early so we would be on time. We met Leonie and Adrian in front of the United Nations building. First, we met a friend of Leonie who works at the United Nations as a judge. People that seem to have a connection to terrorist organizations are added to a list and if they request to be removed, he will check whether they can be removed or not. Later we went on a tourist tour through the UNO building and learned what the UNO stands for. We had lunch in an excellent restaurant. The SRF, a Swiss television company, wanted to film Severin and me working at Open Systems in the World Trade Center, so our next stop is easy to guess. The view from the 46th floor was absolutely breathtaking.  Severin and I had to look up the number of locations and the verticals of companies in a list. We barely got to work because SRF had a shooting plan. After filming us while working, they took a couple shoots of Severin walking through the building. We also had to do an interview about working here. The last video of both Severin and me was taken when we were walking to the metro station and got onto the train. Severin was going to Chatdesk with SRF to film more. Later, they would go to our Airbnb to film everyone cooking and eating together. I didn’t go with them though, instead I went to the New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers ice hockey match with Stefanija. Getting to the stadium in New Jersey with a Lyft took us very long because there was traffic. The game was truly interesting and enjoyable, even though the Devils lost 3:4. On the way home, we had such a pleasant talk with our Lyft driver that we didn’t even want to get off the car once we arrived.

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