A Sunday at the Central Park

Even though it was Sunday, we didn’t sleep in and got up at 9am to see the Central Park. Getting there took us some time because we had to change trains multiple times. We met Leonie at the Apple Store. In the park we just walked around, enjoyed the nature and how peaceful it was compared to the rest of the city. We encountered a few squirrels that weren’t shy at all, they even came closer to us. We walked around one of the smaller lakes and then left the park. Everyone was hungry, so we had lunch at Five Guys. Stefanija and I went shopping at Macy’s again. This time we found some clothes we wanted to buy. At four we met up with the rest of the group again to go to the cinema. This time we wanted to watch Black Klansmen. They almost didn’t let me in because I’m not 18 yet, but luckily I could still go because the rest of us is over 18. The movie was about a black police officer that became an undercover KKK member. We all would recommend the movie. Stefanija and I went home after, while the rest of us had Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.

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