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our Project


We from TIE International have been giving our apprentices, which work on real projects from our customers from their first year, the opportunity to work abroad for years. So far this has only been on European soil. Now, we want to take a leap over the great pond.


We believe that the right moment is now, because the political pressure to counter the shortage of skilled workers on both the USA and Switzerland is growing. Switzerland should and wants to help the USA in implementing the dual educational system.


As expected, a survey in Switzerland of volunteers in their 2nd to 4th year for a trip to New York resulted in a positive picture. The interest is there.


For its part TIE International is fortunate that, in addition to existing exciting international partners, Accenture and a well-known search engine operator have also joined our customer base. Not only do both companies have a great reputation, but they also have offices in New York with thousands of employees.


Various possible partnerships have emerged over our existing network. Our primary partner is the ETH Zurich. The ETH Zurich has already built a network in the world of universities on the East Coast.


Both the USA and in Switzerland have the necessary organisations to support this project, be it to answer any legal questions or to help finance this project (Department of Labor Washington DC, SBFI, MBAs etc.).