Returning home

For breakfast some of us ordered pancakes that were so thick we could barely finish them. After we had finished packing and tidying, we left the house to get lunch. On our way to the restaurant we passed the Grand Central station and checked out the station building. From there we walked to the restaurant. We ate at the same place as we had eaten on the day we visited the UNO. We wanted to have our last lunch in a restaurant with a big variety of good food. Stefanija and I went back home right after because we were feeling tired. A few hours passed until it was time to finally leave the house to get to the airport. Luckily, all of our suitcases weighted just below the maximum of fifty pounds. I even managed to get my oversized umbrella through security, which meant that I could actually take it home. We got dinner and boarded the plane. Unfortunately, they served dinner too. We had completely forgotten about ordering special food on the company’s website, so I was brought halal food and Severin had his prepared without gluten. I finished my food, watched a movie and then tried so sleep. We landed a bit earlier than we were supposed to. Although I had been up for longer than usual at this time, I still felt awake and fit. Though this changed when I got home. I spent the rest of the day unpacking and – without success – trying not to fall asleep.

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