Reporter Leonie and cameraman Sam

The day started at the Rise office, where Simon and I (Sam) worked together on the website for the energy provider startup and started with the improvements we got from our employer. It was stuff like adjusting images, text sizes and layout bugs, so nothing major. I also had some minor tasks like creating business cards and editing portraits for the website.

After lunch, that we ate at the greek’s, I began with setting up my camera and newly bought microphone for an interview with Dean. He is one of the six team members of the startup I work for. I asked Leonie, our coach and supervisor, for assistance, so that I can handle the camera and she would do the talking part. And that worked really well. We had three interviews this day with several people.

In the evening we didn’t do much. Duarte cooked his legendary wings for diner. We also had the idea of having a LAN-party. Together with Duarte and Severin, we played a game called Civilisation until late night.

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