Manhattan Tour

Today, Adrian gave us a tour of manhattan. We met Adrian and Barbara at 12:00pm in South Ferry and started our journey with the Charging Bull and the Wall Street.
The next stop was the World Trade Center. The World Trade Center number 7 contains the Open Systems office.
After a quick burger stop, we continued our way to Times Square and to Madison Square Garden, where we found the Rise office.
In the later afternoon we took the ferry to New Jersey. We climbed a mound and Adrian showed us the house where the apprentices of NYP@NYC 1.0 had lived. We bought some water and took a dinner break in a Mexican restaurant.
We ate some burritos with home made guacamole and nachos.
Around 10:00pm we were back at the Times Square and took the subway home, so we could prepare our first workday, which starts tomorrow at 10:30am in the GZA office.
I can’t wait to get the first work experience.

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