Our first whole day in New York

On our first morning in New York, we got up one after another. Most of us suffered from jetlag and couldn’t sleep anymore after 8am. We just spent time at home until we got hungry. So we decided to go to Brooklyn Blend, a small restaurant with freshly made snacks and shakes. We all got either a shake or a smoothie and really enjoyed it. After that, half of us went to a Mexican restaurant to get burritos. One of our supervisors decided to help us with grocery shopping. Soon we realized that we were buying more than we could carry. Luckily, the store owner brought our groceries to our house with a cart. After having put everything where it belongs, we couldn’t decide how to spend our evening. Some wanted to go shopping, but most of us were too tired for that. So we decided to have a look at a park in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, it was closed and instead we went to see the Brooklyn Museum. We arrived there just four minutes before it closed, so we changed our plans again and walked to the botanical garden. This one was closed too. So we had a look at Brooklyn’s library from the outside. As my shoe had broken on the way, we couldn’t walk back to our house because it was too far away. On our way home with the metro, we found a big mall. Even though we had decided earlier not to go shopping yet, we were delighted to discover all the stores that there were. We spent about two hours there and bought some clothes, snacks and new shoes for me. We arrived at our house at 9pm and ate cornflakes and chips for dinner.

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