After a very long flight, we finally arrived at the JFK Airport. We also had a very long time getting through all the security checks. In the end we took the subway and made our way to the apartment in Brooklyn. On our way to the aprtment, we had our first impression of the famous New York City subway. It was a very quick way to travel and we even got to see a big part of Brookly through the windows.

When we got out of the subway, we were met by an overwhelming amount of people and traffic. There was parade that took place next to the subway exit and from that point, we made our way to the Lexington Avenue. During our short walk, we saw all kinds of restaurants, stores and people. We did not get to explore much as we were all very tired.

When we got to our apartment, met our very friendly host that gave us a tour of the apartment.It is a very cosy place and we immedieatly started discussing our plans for the night, which were mostly deciding who slept where.

Even after such a long day we were all feeling very motivated and anxiously waiting for the next day.

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