The first day at the office

First stop today was at the WeWork offices of New York in the 25th Broadway next to the Charging Bull. We had a cup of cold brew coffee and some fruity water, while we waited for Oliver, the head of SwissNex in New York. Together with his colleagues Jake and Estelle, he told us what SwissNex does and what Duarte and Stefanija will be doing for the next couple of weeks. After that it was lunch time, that we spent in the GRK Fresh Greek restaurant at the Fulton street. Next stop was the Rise office in the 23rd street. Since two duties were already assigned, it was clear, that the remaining four of us will be working at Rise. Simon and me (Sam) were assigned to the mining-website job, while Severin and Miriam were expected to work in another team at Rise.  Turns out, they didn’t need any more volunteers to work with them and shorthand canceled the offer with Severin and Miriam. Heads up, New York is a dynamic and fast moving city and new duties at Rise are already under way for those two. In the evening, Miriam prepared the dinner nearly by herself. Even though she meant she’s a terrible cook, her food was actually really delicious. Eventually I edited some of the photos I took with my camera, so that the others can use those in their blog-article.

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