New Chance at Rise

For me and Miriam our first day of “work” was quite relaxing, as we started our first meeting with a Rise startup at 14:30. We did the laundry and went grocery shopping in the free time before that. I worked on improving our blogs’ design. At twelve o’clock we left our house to get to the Union Square where we would meet the rest of the team to have lunch together. We ate in the restaurant Eataly and the best part of it was that the actual restaurant was located on the rooftop. Our meeting with Achmed went really quickly. He told us about his idea: With a survey he wanted to help parents to financially support their children at college. Our job in this whole idea is to create the survey website. The meeting had only lasted about fifteen minutes, yet we needed about half a day just to get there and to get back. Miriam and I went to the Union Square to shop and the rest of our team joined in on us later.

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