discovering Koreatown

This morning, we accidentally boarded the wrong train, which led to us discovering Koreatown. On our little detour we found lots of great-looking restaurants, which we’ll try to find the time to check out. After quickly exploring a korean bookstore, where we couldn’t find a single english book, we arrived (not even late) at the office. We did some last minute touch-ups to our website, which went life later that day. Today Rise, the Workspace we’re currently based in, hosted a Blockchain-Hackathon. This allowed us to talk to many Entrepreneurs and Blockchain experts, which was a great experience. Once the Website was done, we went to say good bye to Adrian, who flew back to Zürich today. We then went cartoon shopping in a store closely resembling the Big bang theory’s Comic book store, which was an experience within of itself.
After having Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, and some more shopping at Atlantic Terminal, we headed home

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