Hard Rock Friday

Duarte and I started our morning with a call from our GZA supervisor. We got some new tasks for which we mainly had to do structural changes. For example, on the “Our Team” page there used to be following segments of employers: Switzerland, USA and China. We had to replace it with Europe, USA, China, Korea, Marketing and Office.

Meanwhile Sam and Simon didn’t have any tasks for the morning, so they cleaned the house. Afterwards we all had lunch with Leonie. After the lunch Duarte and I went back to our office and finished our tasks. Another task of ours is to add the translated success stories of some companies. The challenging part was that we had to implement the chinese articles. There we lost some time because we had to work a lot with a translator because we had to know which text to put where. During this time Severin, Leonie, Miriam, Sam and Simon did an interview for a small video that we are making. As all of us had finished our taks, we went to the Times Square together, strolled from shop to shop and had dinner at the Hard Rock Café. The food was amazing and the waiter was very friendly.  With our full stomachs we made our way home and enjoyed the rest of the evening at there.

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