A day at work

Duarte and I are working for Greater Zurich Area during our stay in New York. Our job is to help them get all the data from the current website to the new website. In this process we are for example copying all their Blogs to the new site, testing all the links in the articles, making sure that the used pictures are in high quality, report missing pages and much more. Today we had a Skype Call with Silvia. She gave us an intruduction to the job before we came to New York and is helping us during our stay. During the call we discussed our next tasks, where we found some improvement possibilities, needed pictures etc… After the Skype call we started to work on our new tasks and to do the needed improvements. As an example, there was a link to a site that doesn’t exist anymore. The solution was to just change it to the homepage’s link.  At noon it’s time for lunch.  We’re always having lunch with Sam, Severin, Miriam, Simon, and sometimes with Leonie. Afterwards we’re going back to the office and finish our work, that we started in the morning.
After work we meet the others in Starbucks. We walked through the High Line and then made our way home. As we arrived at home, we cooked some Chicken wings and enjoyed our evening together.

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