Creating a corporate identity

Since today – apart from grocery-shopping and work – not much has happened, I will write a little about the work, Sam and I are currently doing.
Here in New York we got the amazing opportunity to create a whole Corporate Identity for a very young energy-startup. This includes everything from logo-, businesscard- and template-design, to the creation of a whole new website. What makes this really special, is that, apart from the company name and a general color scheme (Green, since the company is working with renewable energy sources), we were given free reign over the whole process. We of course regularly check with the Founders for Feedback and get lots of advice in return. But other than that, they put a lot of trust in us and gave us virtual autonomy over how we would like to design & program the public “face” of their baby.

We of course hugely appreciate this trust, and try to reward it with the best products possible.

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