Starting a new project

Today, Severin and I started our new job at ChatDesk. We met at ten and started with a briefing about the company and the projects. One of my new coworkers explained to me what I will be doing while I’m here. ChatDesk has a tool that sorts customer messages into different categories. It’s already fairly accurate, but sometimes there are still messages that aren’t correctly tagged. So they go and try to find out the word that caused the mismatching, a so called overtriggered word. They are currently handling the falsely categorized messages in a spreadsheet and the first thing I will be working on is migrating that data to a database. After lunch we checked at Rise if our coworkers from TenLegs were there. We wanted to present them their tool we finished on the weekend. Nobody was there, so we went back to ChatDesk to get back to work. The coworker in my project showed me a really cool framework for the programming language Python that made everything easier. As I left in the evening, the script was almost finished. Severin and I met the rest of our team to go to the cinema to watch Crazy Rich Asians. We were quite early, so we went shopping at Dr. Martens. After the movie we headed home directly to spend the rest of our evening relaxing.

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